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This page is designed to be hub of wellbeing information, articles and recommendations that you may find interesting and helpful. Some are links that you may have seen in In Touch. We will endeavour to update this regularly.


The three links below are somewhere you can easily access to find up-to-date and evidence-based content on a huge range of topics related to child, teenage and parent mental health and wellbeing

General Articles

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Below are links to two great Australian websites with really accessible information and resources recommended by our school psychologists.

Digital Life

If you and your young people want to focus on education or have any concerns about online behaviour, Netsafe is the go-to provider of advice and resources.


Online Courses

The site below has courses aimed at each age band and you can do a generic course around raising teenagers or look more specifically at raising a child with anxiety if that is more relevant. It can be done at home in your on time and can pick the modules relevant to your family but doing the whole course is recommended as there are some very good reminders in there about general language use and the importance of getting the positive things right, before trying to manage the behaviour or set expectations.


Vaping, Drugs & Alcohol

Ask Addie

Addie Voight, our 2024 Student Head of Wellbeing, regularly writes on topical issues, not only sharing valuable insights into managing different issues, offering tips and tricks to help fellow ākonga along their Rangi Ruru journey, but also giving parents an opportunity to view things through a student lens. Addie often sets students a fortnightly challenge, encouraging them to think about topics differently or inspiring them to adopt new behaviours and practices to support their learning aspirations and their social interactions. The ‘Ask Addie’ column can be found in the Care and Wellbeing article published in the fortnightly Intouch newsletter. Addie’s latest columns can be found below.



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