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Uniforms are important in that they set a tone for the school, give us pride in belonging, and communicate our community expectations. At Rangi Ruru we expect all students to wear the correct uniform in an appropriate manner whenever they are seen to be representing our school.

Uniform Requirements

Our Uniform requirements reflect respect for our history and acknowledge the present world in which our students live. They are designed to enable our students to be themselves while maintaining appropriate standards and contributing to a productive and respectful learning atmosphere. Uniform needs to be clean, tidy and well-pressed uniform and worn complete to reflect the pride students feel about themselves and their school.
Sometimes the unforeseen happens and your daughter may not have her complete uniform. In this case contact from home needs to be made with the Deputy Principal who will issue them with an exemption.
Temporary or long-term exemptions from uniform regulations require a written communcation from a parent or caregiver and must be carried by the student. Students will need to see the Deputy Principal for a Uniform Pass.

Wearing the Rangi Ruru Uniform

  • Weather permitting, summer uniform is worn in terms 1 and 4; winter uniform is worn in terms 2 and 3. Seasonal changes will dictate when changeovers occur. Navy culottes are an option all year. Dark navy pants are an option for winter.
  • Blazers must be worn for formal occasions and on the street, except in very warm weather when shirt sleeves are appropriate. The navy school jacket can be worn on particularly cold or rainy days.
  • The school scarf, beanie and jacket are approved optional items. They are not worn in class or in assembly.
  • Cardigans must not be worn on formal occasions, on the street, or tied around the waist.
  • Students entering Year 13 wear gold braid on their blazers and are responsible for ensuring that these are provided at the end of the year for braiding through the Shop.
  • Thermals worn under the school blouse should not be visible.
  • Plain or RR short white socks must be worn with lace-up shoes for summer and three quarter or short navy socks, or navy tights in the winter. Students are permitted to wear T bar or U bar sandals without socks in summer.
  • Hair is to be worn in a practical style. For safety reasons, longer hair is to be neatly tied back with plain white, navy or gold coloured hair fasteners. Fringes should not obscure vision, and no hair should fall over the face. Hair styles and colouring should be appropriate for school and fall within a normal range for hair colour.
  • Make-up is not to be worn with school uniform. Fingernails should be short and neatly cut. Clear or natural nail varnish may be worn.
  • The only jewellery permitted is a single small gold, silver, clear diamante or pearl stud or small plain gold or silver sleeper in each ear lobe, and a watch. Any special requests for jewellery need to be addressed to the Deputy Principal for approval. Students meet with the Deputy Principal who will provide a uniform pass which is carried by the student and renewed annually.
  • Temporary or long term exemptions from uniform regulations require communication from parents/caregivers.
  • We recognise Māori tino rangatiratanga and Māori students may wear visible pounamu taonga as a mark of respect to their cultural identity. No facial piercings or visible tattoos are allowed unless they are tā moko, pe’a tattoos, (or by application), a connection to whakapapa has been established, and the student has permission from parents/caregivers and a koro/elder.
  • For Physical Education/Sport the RR sports uniform top, sports shorts, skins or track pants must be worn. The RR Rugby Jersey or Hoodie may also be worn. Bucket hats are compulsory for Years 7&8 and encouraged for other year levels.
  • Students playing in inter-school sports competitions must be dressed in correct sports uniform at all times.
  • For travel to and from sports games correct and agreed sports uniform (RR track pants and rugby jersey/Hoodie or school tracksuit) must be worn.

Uniform Details

Our uniform changes from junior to senior students and from summer to winter. You can find all the required and optional uniform items in the list below.

Uniform Details

Uniform Shop

The Shop is located at 41 Hewitts Road (next to the swimming pool, accessed off Hewitts Road, carparking is available at front of the shop). All school uniform items including PE and Sports gear are available at The Shop, along with supplies of good quality second-hand uniforms. Purchases may be Goldsheeted (put on account) or payment may be made by cash, Visa/Mastercard or EFTPOS.

Uniform Pricelist School Map

Shop Hours (Term 1 Break)

  • Saturday, 13 April: 3pm – 5pm
  • Saturday, 20 April: 10am – 4pm
  • Monday, 22 April: 10am – 2pm
  • Saturday, 27 April: 2pm – 4pm
  • Saturday, 4 May: 10am – 2pm

Shop Hours (term time only)

  • Tuesday: 12.45pm – 2pm
  • Thursday: 12.45pm – 2pm
  • Friday: 1pm – 4pm

Nicki Pooley, Uniform Shop Manager
E. n.pooley@rangiruru.school.nz
P. (03) 983 3785

Second Hand Uniform Sales
If you wish to sell second hand uniform items via Uniform Shop please read and complete this form.

Second Hand Uniform Sales
Year 13 Summer
Year 13 Summer
Year 13 Winter
Year 13 Winter
Year 11-12 Summer
Years 11 & 12 Summer
Year 11 - 12 Winter
Years 11 & 12 Winter
Year 7 - 10 Summer
Years 7 to 10 Summer
Year 7 - 10 Winter
Years 7 to 10 Winter
Year 7 -13 Cardigan
Years 7 to 13 Cardigan (optional)
Year 11-13 Summer Optional
Years 11 to 13 Summer alternative (optional)
Year 7 - 10 Summer Option
Year 7 to 10 Summer alternative (optional)


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