The Rangi Graduate Profile

Equipped for the Future
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The Graduate Profile is what we consider to be the essence of a future-oriented learner.

This aspirational profile contains those essential attributes we believe will enable our students to thrive and will equip them to live fulfilling lives in their future – a future that will without doubt contain a high degree of uncertainty and complexity.

The Rangi Graduate Profile is a result of comprehensive research and encompasses our school values of respect/whakaute, aroha, enthusiasm & endeavour/rikarika & ngāna, generosity of spirit/manaakitanga and integrity/tika, along with our strategic pillars – Belong, Be You, Be Your Best and Be the Change – and the skills and dispositions required to develop these core strengths.

These attributes are developed and strengthened in all aspects of students’ diverse learning experiences at Rangi Ruru. The essential behaviours that underpin this profile are modelled by teachers who provide strong scaffolding and deliberate teaching. Students learn how to effectively reflect on their developing capabilities and to identify areas they need to work on.

This graduate profile is what we consider to be the essence of a future-oriented learner across social, pastoral, academic, spiritual, emotional and co-curricular aspects of learning and development. All these experiences contribute to the Rangi graduate.

As such, we embrace a holistic approach to wellbeing and success. Girls learn best when they are feeling good and functioning well in an environment that knows and cares about them. There is significant overlapping and blending between the pastoral and academic portfolios. Much conversation happens about the symbiotic nature of learning in this environment. Goal setting in the students’ Personal Development Plans includes wellbeing, academic and co-curricular reflections, and the day-to-day experience feeds into all of these.

The self-management and discipline required to study, plan and succeed within the content and context of subjects in classes feed attributes encapsulated within the Rangi Graduate profile. Learning how to manage assessments and examinations is a skill students need in their lives beyond school. They gain significant confidence and resilience in their success and failures on the sports field and in learning. Tasks which students perceive as, or find, difficult will enable them to tackle difficult problems in the future.

Our staff work across the areas of student experience. In addition to being subject specialist classroom teachers, the vast majority are tutors. Deans are also classroom teachers, and some are also Heads of Learning Areas. All teachers are involved in co-curricular activities. This gives them exposure to the students in a range of contexts, all which add value to their knowledge and understanding of the girls.

Learning and wellbeing go hand in hand at Rangi. Our ability to integrate, adapt and respond is proving beneficial for students and staff alike.


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