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Summer Sign Ups

These are underway with some sessions beginning the first week of school. If you miss a date, no panic! There will be another opportunity.

Year 9 – 13: Use this link to sign up for Term 1 sport options: YR 9-13 SUMMER SPORT SIGN UPS

Additional information on trials & Just Play sessions for some summer sports is available here: SUMMER SPORT TRIALS & JUST PLAY SESSIONS

Years 7 & 8: Use this link to sign up for Yr 7/8 Term 1 sport options: YR 7/8 SPORT OPTIONS TERM 1

Winter sign ups 

Some winter sports will hold trials early in Term 1.

For students in Years 9 – 13 – checkout the trialling dates and sign up information below for those winter sports which have trials and/or Just Play sessions before the end of Term 1.


Sign up here to attend a Just Play or Trial for some winter sport options. WINTER SPORT SIGN UPS

Please note – Signs up for Yr 7/8 winter sport options and all other sport options, will be available later in Term 1.

Athletics Sports Sign Ups & Swimming Sports Information

Information on our Athletic Sports (Monday February 13) and Swimming Sports (Thursday March 2), including prelim dates can be found at the link below.

Athletics + Swimming Sports

Please note Sports Draws will be available from February 13.


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