Special Leave

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Parents are reminded that any family holidays taken during term time could impact on their daughters’ assessments. There can be no rescheduling of assessment in such cases and students who are absent for an unacceptable reason (such as a holiday) at the time of an assessment will be penalised. We hope that parents will factor in their daughters’ assessment schedules in any plans for holidays outside the term breaks. NCEA, with its flexible blend of Internal and External Assessment, is a year-long activity. It is not possible to coast all year and cram at the end.

In all cases, Special Leave must be applied for well in advance so that teachers are informed of a student’s absence. The Special Leave Application form must be completed.

Special Leave Application Form

Parents will be contacted if there will be an impact on NCEA assessment. Students circulate their teachers with their forms so that in the first instance, disruptions to learning can be discussed. In most cases, if students will miss the date for handing in an Internal Assessment assignment, they will be required to complete it in advance of their leave.

Term breaks, particularly the two weeks between Term 3 and 4 are very important study times to ensure continuity of learning. Many teachers schedule extra learning and study sessions for your daughters during this break. It is not the best time for senior students to be on long holidays, or worse, extending these into term time.


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