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Netball at Rangi Ruru has a proud tradition of participation and excellence, with between 15 and 18 teams from Year 9 to top senior teams entered into the Christchurch Netball Centre (CNC) Saturday competition each year. The information below provides some key details about how netball is run at Rangi Ruru to helping to prepare you and your daughter/s for the season ahead.

Our Netball Staff

Mrs Nicole Sinclair
Netball Convenor (and contact for Years 11 to 13 netball)
Phone: 03 9833 798

Anna Kennedy
Junior Netball Convenor (contact for Years 9 and 10 netball)

Netball at Rangi Ruru

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The key means of keeping in touch throughout the season will be through Teams and the Rangi Ruru Netball Facebook page – ‘like’ it be kept up to date with the latest news. It’s also worthwhile to connect to the Rangi Ruru Sport Facebook and Instagram pages.

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of the students checking Teams on a daily basis to keep up to date.

If you have any concerns or questions throughout the season, please direct them to either Anna or Mrs Sinclair, depending on the team you/your daughter is in.

Throughout the season, coaches and managers will meet with the Netball Convenors to communicate key information, share new ideas, clarify rules and generally network. Parents and supporters of Rangi Ruru netball are welcome to attend. If you are interested in being involved, please let Mrs Sinclair know.

Contact details:

Netball Convenor
Mrs Sinclair
DD: 9833798

Junior Convenor
Anna Kennedy

Registration and Trials

Winter Sport Trials Years 9 to 13

All players must complete the online Christchurch Netball Centre registration form prior to trialing or entering a social team. This is a requirement by Christchurch Netball.
If you played for Rangi Ruru last season, you will be sent an email with a link to update your details for the Christchurch Netball Centre (CNC) database. If you don’t receive an email, please use the above link.

Trial schedules:

All trials will be held at the school courts/Elizabeth Reid Gym.

All Years 11 to 13:

  • Wednesday April 3, 2.45pm to 5pm
  • Thursday April 4, 3.30pm to 6pm
  • Saturday April 6, 9am to 12pm
  • Monday April 8, 3.30pm to 5pm

Year 10:

  • Wednesday April 3, 2.45pm to 5pm
  • Friday April 5, 3.30pm to 5.30pm
  • Saturday April 6, 9am to 12pm.

Year 9:

  • Wednesday March 20, 2.45pm to 4.30pm
  • Thursday March 21, 3.30pm to 5.30pm
  • Saturday March 23, 9am to 12pm

See the Sports Office for more information.

Additional trials may be called for all grades and teams, if required and times may be subject to change. No teams are finalised until all players have been given opportunity to trial and all teams will continue to be reviewed in the first few weeks of the season to ensure players are placed in the right team and at the right level.

A and B Team Player Expectations
It is an expectation that those trialling for and selected in the Senior A and B teams, the 10A and 9A netball teams will:

• Play both Saturday and Wednesday netball
• Place a high priority on their commitment to this sport throughout the season
• Assist with umpiring on a rostered basis
• Undertake their own personal fitness in addition to the compulsory team trainings, conditioning sessions and weekly games
• Be available to play Saturday games during the July school holidays and players in the Snr A team must be available to play the last Supernet Wednesday of the July break.
• Be available to attend tournaments during the following dates if selected: Junior SISS: Mon July 8 – Thurs July 11, Christchurch, Senior SISS: Sun September 1 – Thurs September 5, Christchurch.

Only in exceptional circumstances will players who cannot meet these expectations be named in these teams (for example, school-related trips). In these circumstances, it will be up to the discretion of the coach(es) whether a player who is unavailable will be selected into the teams.

Any questions about this process, please contact Mrs Sinclair.

Competitive Social Teams (Non-Trialling Senior Teams)

Competitive Social teams are only available to students in Years 12 and 13.

These teams will not be provided with a coach organised by school and will be required to have a parent/adult manager who will assume responsibility for the team down at the courts on Saturdays. The name of this parent/adult must be included with the team list which is due in to Mrs Sinclair by Friday March 22. No late entries will be accepted.

ALL social teams MUST have a designated captain who has the responsibility of liaising with Mrs Sinclair throughout the season—particularly around availability of players during holiday games.

Just Play Sessions

Just Play sessions are sessions that allow all players to experience game play in a fun, relaxed environment. Giving all players the opportunity to participate in a team who just wants to play or be in a competitive team.

Play Commitment

• Players are required to be available for Saturday games (including holiday games) and all training sessions as advised by their team coach. Every year we state that it is essential that you be available to play all season. However, every year some players leave their teams desperate to find replacement players. It is the individual player’s responsibility to find a replacement should they not be able to play. The Netball Convenors can help with providing names of girls and teams to approach but the important thing is to plan ahead, and not leave it to the last minute.

• Boarders going home for the weekend is not a valid excuse for non-availability for a Saturday game, neither is ball preparations! Preparation is the key. We are able to request early or afternoon games ONCE per round so if your team wishes to make these requests to accommodate particular events, please inform the appropriate Netball Convenor.

• Likewise, players pulling out of teams once selected will not be tolerated and you will be charged for a late withdrawal. All students who attend trials or form social teams are expected to honour the commitment they have made by signing up to play for the season. We would appreciate parents and caregivers ensuring their daughter(s) abide by this requirement.

Christchurch Netball Centre (CNC) Default Policy

Please be aware that there are fees for defaulting a game or for non-attendance for umpiring duties. This includes games scheduled during the holiday breaks as well. The amount of these fines is at the discretion of CNC and can range from $150 to $500. These fines will be passed onto the team members who were unavailable to play and/or didn’t turn up to their allocated game or duty. The default policy applies to holiday games as well.

2024 Subscription Fees

Once team placement is finalised, along with final costs from CNC, subscriptions will be gold sheeted.

Subscriptions for 2024 range from $270 for the Senior A team (including SuperNet), to $210 for a Year 9 (including Wednesday competition) team that don’t attend a tournament.

Additional costs are also involved in attending South Island Tournaments for the 9A, 10A and Senior A teams. It is expected that girls in the Senior A, B, C, 10A, 10B and 9A & 9B teams attend strength and conditioning—these costs are an additional cost.

2024 Christchurch Netball Centre (CNC) Dates

2024 Competition Dates

View these dates on the CNC website—please note changes may occur at CNC’s discretion.

Starting dates:
• Senior A + B – Saturday April 27
• All other teams – Saturday May 4

King’s Birthday Weekend
• NO games on Saturday June 1

Matariki Weekend
• NO games on Saturday June 29

July term break
• Games on Saturday July 6 and Saturday July 20
• NO games Saturday July 13
• Games on July 6 mark the beginning of the Championship Round and often influence the ability of teams to make semis and finals. In light of this, it is expected that players in the Senior A are available to play during this holiday break (including Wednesday July 24 when the Wednesday competition resumes for other schools)
• It is also expected that students in all teams find replacements and communicate this to the appropriate contact for junior or senior teams should they not be able to play during this holiday period
• Teams will only be defaulted as a last possible measure and players who are unable to play will be charged should the team need to default (see CNC Default Policy)

2024 Christchurch Netball Centre Representative Teams

CNC conduct open trials for all age groups. This means that all players – regardless of the team or grade they are in – can nominate themselves for a trial. Information on this process and CNC rep teams will be made available on the Rangi Ruru Netball Facebook page and The Hub Sport + Draws page notices when it is available.

It will be every player’s responsibility to nominate themselves should they wish to be considered for a rep team.

Position Specific Development

In 2024 we will be offering the opportunity for shooting, midcourt and defence sessions.

These development sessions will happen throughout the year, bringing in specialist coaches to provide specific coaching in these areas.

More information will be posted via Teams and the Rangi Ruru Nebtall Facebook pages.


Saturday Competition

The draw for the Saturday competition will be available on the Christchurch Netball Centre website when completed. The draw is done in rounds so you can know up to five weeks in advance what time your team is playing.

The draw is also available online via the Sports + Draws page on The Hub.

Wednesday Competition

Wednesday netball starts on Wednesday May 15 and the draw for this competition is posted on the School Sport Canterbury website the Monday prior to each round of games. It is also sent via TEAMS as soon as it is received and will be accessible on Sports + Draws page on The Hub.

Saturday Cancellations

CNC use a cancellation service promoted on their website via SportCheck. This is a text service which is excellent to link into. You can find out more information at

Wednesday Cancellations

If Wednesday netball is cancelled, this will be posted on The Hub and school Facebook/Instagram pages as soon as practicable. Coaches will also be text any last-minute cancellations.


The playing dress is available for purchase from the Uniform Shop for $105. This will be your/your daughters to keep for the duration of her playing time at Rangi Ruru. There are likely to be some second-hand dresses available from 2023 players who are not playing in 2024

It is compulsory for all players who intend to play for school in either the Saturday or Wednesday competition, be it in social or competitive teams, to wear this uniform. In addition to the playing dress, all girls will need navy spandex/sports underwear and white socks. Rangi Ruru spandex are available for purchase from the sports office at $45.00.

Players are also allowed to wear a long-sleeved NAVY merino/polyprop under their dress on colder days.

At no time are players allowed to wear anything under their dress which is longer than the dress itself. This includes leggings, trackpants or bike pants. Players are also not allowed to wear shorts to play games.

It is expected that the netball uniform is worn for Wednesday games as well – however as there are some teams who enter socially on Wednesday only, we will discuss team uniforms expectations with these players separately. This particularly applies to senior social players.

You are not permitted to wear jewellery when playing netball – this includes piercings. Cultural necklaces are permitted, along with Medical Alert bracelets, but these items must be taped down.

There are penalties for wearing the designated uniform incorrectly which generally involves a deduction of competition points. While this might not seem a big concern for some teams, the more important issue is that whenever you wear the Rangi Ruru uniform you are representing the Rangi Ruru community. Please wear the uniform proudly and correctly at all times.

In 2021, we have introduced a new school tracksuit. This is compulsory for girls in teams which attend tournaments – in Netball, these are the Senior A, 9A and 10A teams. It is an optional item for other players but will be used across sports. It is anticipated that the tracksuit will be available from the Uniform Shop from mid-February at a cost – jacket $97.50 and pants $89.99.

Team Coaches

We are fortunate to have a pool of experienced and passionate coaches who return to coach at Rangi Ruru each season. This, alongside our enthusiastic student coaches, means that each year we aim to have at least one coach allocated to one team. When we have more student coaches than teams available, we link interested students with a local club team. Support and resourcing are provided to all our coaches.

Please remember it is the coach(es) decision as to which team member(s) take the court, in which position they play and how much game time each player gets. We ask those players, parents and supporters respect this. Coaching is not an easy task and sometimes tough decisions have to be made. However, as a school and club, we support our coaches in their decision making, which is often in the best interest of the team and will not direct a coach to play certain players or a team in a particular way. Should a player have any concerns with game time, please discuss this first with the coach and/or team manager, before contacting the respective Netball Convenors.

Coaching positions are still being confirmed at this stage of the year but once confirmed, coaches will be announced on the Rangi Netball Facebook page and the netball noticeboard.

Should you be interested in coaching a Rangi Ruru team, or know of anyone who might be interested, please contact Mrs Sinclair in the Sports Office. We offer mentoring support for new coaches and remunerate our coaches for their time.


Team Managers

As mentioned above, at the time of registration all non-trialling teams (Years 12 and 13) must provide the name of a parent/adult manager who will be the point of contact for the social team and can attend games throughout the season. The Netball Convenor will then be in touch with the nominated adult to clarify their role and confirm they can support the team.

Each year we have many senior students who volunteer their time to coach a school junior netball team. For these teams, we look to appoint a parent who can help support the coaches, primarily with help at the courts on a Saturday and sometimes to be a point of contact for other parents. Many of these coaches also play so at times there are clashes between the coaches own games and the team they are coaching. In this instance, we also ask the parent manager to cover. If you can help in this way, please contact Anna our Junior Netball Convenor.

For all other teams, managers are appointed in consultation with the coach. Should you be interested in supporting a team as a manager, please let the appropriate convenor know. It is particularly useful for teams who are coached by students to have that additional support and adult presence at games as sometimes there are clashes for student coaches who are often playing as well as coaching.

Court Space

A booking system for trainings on the school courts will be established once teams are finalised. The gym is limited to the Senior A team as basketball teams will have priority during the winter months.

U14 Grade Umpires

All teams playing in the U14 grade are required to supply their own umpire to umpire their own games. We will be looking for players, parents and friends who are interested in supporting CNC by being an umpire for a Rangi Ruru team in these grades. If you are interested in helping in this way, please let Mrs Sinclair know. Support will be provided to all students who take on an umpiring commitment.

Senior Grade Umpires

All players in the Senior, Senior Reserve and U19 teams will be required to umpire when needed. A roster is a fair way of ensuring that everyone does their part. Each team will be required to check-in at the umpiring window each week to see if they are required to umpire. Prior to the start of the season, all players in teams playing in these grades will be required to SIT and PASS an online umpiring test unless they hold a current umpire qualification of Centre badge or above.

If a player has not completed this test PRIOR TO THE FIRST GAME they will not be allowed to take the court.

Online Exam

The Online Centre Theory exam must be completed every year and can be accessed here.

Saturday Umpires Required

We are required to supply a number of club umpires every Saturday for the season. If there are students interested in being a club umpire, please contact Mrs Sinclair for information.

Health and Safety

• Please name your drink bottle and do not share it with others. Leaving drink bottles on the edge of the courts is a hazard for umpires, please be considerate
• Basic first aid kits will be provided to all teams but do not include ice. Included in each first aid kit is a notebook to record minor injuries/accidents
• Limited ice is available at the netball courts on Saturdays. It is recommended each team takes their own if possible
• Dogs are not encouraged around the netball courts during games on Saturdays. With limited space between and around courts, dogs can be a hazard to umpires, players and spectators. Please respect Christchurch Netball Centre’s request to leave your dogs at home
• Bicycles, prams, pushchairs, skates, skateboards and rollerblades: Please be aware that spectators might be asked to remove these items from between courts while games are in progress in the interest of player and umpire safety
• Christchurch Netball Centre is a Smokefree environment. We would ask that you respect this and refrain from smoking whilst at the courts
• Any injury sustained during netball trainings and/or games needs to be reported to your coach or manager. Your coach/manager will complete the required form and submit it to the appropriate Netball Convenor within 48hours of notification of an injury

Positive Sideline Support

As players, parents and supporters, please remember to keep your comments positive when on the sidelines. Players (and umpires) are doing their best when out on court and we would appreciate that sideline support remains positive.

A reminder of the Rangi Ruru Sports Code of Behaviour:

• Play sport for the “fun of it” and not just to please parents and coaches
• Play by the rules
• Never argue with an official. If you disagree, have the captain or coach approach the official during a break or after the game
• Be a good sport. Cheer all skilful players, whether they are in our team or the opponent’s team. Always thank the opposing team and officials at the end of the game
• Work equally hard for yourself and the team. The team’s performance will benefit and so will you. Positive encouragement helps create a good team spirit.

And players, we challenge you to make a personal commitment to:

• Attend all practice sessions and games throughout the season. When something arises, which means you cannot make it, communicate with the coach and captain. It is not acceptable to just miss a session
• Always your correct sports uniform. Every time you wear the Rangi sports uniform you are recognised as a member of the Rangi Ruru community. Wear it proudly…and correctly.
• Regularly check the Netball Noticeboard, the school notices and email to ensure you are kept informed about trainings, games and other sports information
• Cooperate with the coach, teammates and opponents. Without them there would be no game
• Be a modest winner and a gracious loser
• Take personal pride in all you do

Always remember… Coaches and umpires are volunteers and these games are not the world championships!

Team Selection Policy and Procedure

Rangi Ruru Long Term Goals
• Re-establish Rangi Ruru as a leading netball school with strength across all grades at CNC
• Consistently perform to a high level at South Island Secondary School Tournaments
• Ensure opportunities to participate at all levels are maintained
• Establish a culture of high expectations which aligns with the Rangi Ruru values.
In line with achieving the above goals, a selection policy and procedure is outlined here for players and parents.
To select the best team of netball players in each age group/grade to represent Rangi Ruru in the Christchurch Netball Centre, Secondary School competition and additional tournaments that may be scheduled.
Selection Policy
a. The selection panel for each grade/age group shall consist of the Coach appointed to the Senior team in that grade/age group, plus other team coaches for teams of that grade (if appointments are confirmed at time of selection) and any other personnel appointed by Rangi Ruru netball convenors.
b. All players will be assigned to a team
c. All teams shall have a minimum of 9 registered players for the season (Social teams in Year 12 and 13 must have no less than 10 players registered)
d. All players must be available for all Christchurch Netball fixtures (including holiday games), school exchanges fixtures, South Island Secondary School tournaments (for Senior A, 10A and 9A). Non availability for any of these fixtures will affect your ability to be selected in these teams.
e. Players in the Senior A, Senior B, U17A, 10A and 9A will be expected to also play Wednesday netball – unless otherwise determined by the Coaching staff. Other teams will be entered as determined by numbers.
f. All players in the Senior A and 10A teams, along with teams in the Challenge and U21 grades who are required to umpire must make themselves available as needed on a roster basis.
g. Players who are selected in the Senior A & B teams will be able to play in the A team for another winter code. This will be managed on a case by-case basis to ensure player welfare is at forefront of mind. Players who are selected in an A team across two sports, will have to choose which sport they will attend the relevant tournament for if there is clash during Winter Tournament Week.
Selection procedure
a. Trial dates will be advertised on the School website.

b. Trials will continue to be held until teams are announced and players confirmed.
c. All players must complete the online registration form PRIOR to attending trials.
d. Teams will not be announced at trials but will be notified via TEAMS within 24hours of the last trial for that age group/ grade.
e. Once teams have been selected, players have 24hours to change their mind and withdraw from a team. This must be done via email or TEAMS message to the Netball Convenor for the age group/ grade. Should a player withdraw from a team after this time period, they will be charged $100.
f. Should a player sign up to trial and then not attend, the Netball Convenor will contact them via email or TEAMS to check if they are still intending to trial. If there is no response from the player, the selectors will consider they are no longer wishing to play and will not make allowances for them in team selection.
Trials are a very difficult process to complete in a short time frame and teams can only be selected fairly and equitably if all intending players attend all trials.
Obviously sometimes this isn’t possible but please understand it is tricky for selectors if players decide to attend only some trials. The selectors will always do their best to ensure all players are given the opportunity to be trialed fairly & equally.
Players are reminded that if they were in a Year A team in any year, this does not give automatic entry into a Year A team the next year. No place is guaranteed in ANY team. Every player is selected on merit on the time of trials.

Complaints Procedure

To ensure that netball complaints are dealt with in a manner which is fair and consistent and in line with the Rangi Ruru Complaints policy.

Definition of Complaint
a. Any issue of complaint about netball which has been notified in writing.
b. A concern or problem about netball which involves a student, parent, coach or another staff member that remains unresolved. (It is expected that conversation will have occurred between the player and coach prior to a formal complaint being made, in an attempt to resolve the issue).

a. All complaints are to be made in writing and signed by the complainant and submitted to the Netball Convenor within 5 days of the event occurring which gives rise to the complaint. Should the complaint be against the Netball Convenor, then it should be directed to the Director of Sport.
b. Any complaint must contain all relevant information including
i. Cause for complaint
ii. Full details of person(s) being complained about
iii. Full details of action causing complaint, including date/time/place/event
iv. All contact details of complainant
c. The Netball Convener or Director of Sport will acknowledge receipt of the complaint via writing or email within 48 hours. Unsigned or anonymous letters of correspondence regarding a complaint will not be dealt with. Nor will verbal complaints on the sidelines at games or trainings.
d. If the complaint is regarding a coach, manager or other staff member involved in netball, the person being complained about shall have an opportunity to present his/her point of view.
e. Where necessary a remedial approach (mediation, facilitation consultation etc) will be arrived at by discussion with all parties involves and the agreed solution clearly outline to everyone.
f. If necessary or preferable, an independent person may be called in to mediate.
g. The parties involved in the complaint should remain informed at all times.
h. A written record of the complaint, action taken and follow up- procedure will be lodged with the Director of Sport.
i. The decision to inform and/or involve the Principal shall be at the discretion of the Director of Sport and Netball Convenor.
j. When a complaint goes directly to the Principal or any other person than the Netball Convenor/Director of Sport, the matter will be referred back to the Netball Convenor/Director of Sport to handle as above.
k. Should the investigation of the complaint involve the reputation of the CNC or its members, written information will be supplied to the CNC executive of the complaint and the decision made following deliberation and decision making process in dealing with the complaint.
l. At no times should a complaint about netball be made directly with netball staff without following the above guidelines.


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