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Term Dates 2022

Term 1: 31 January to 8 April
31 January: School starts for Years 7,9 & new students
1 February: All students attend

Term 2: 2 May to 8 July
Term 3: 1 August to 30 September
Term 4: 17 October to 1 December

Prize Giving: Thursday 1 December
Leavers' Ball: Friday 2 December

Absence or Lateness

If you have a request for leave
Up to one day: Parental letter, email or phone call to the office.
More than one day: Fill in a Special Leave form (available on RangiLife), see teachers and discuss with your Dean.

If you are unable to come to school
Ask a parent to phone the absence line (03 983 3786) or email the school before 9.30am each day you are absent.

If you are late to school
Report to the school office for a Late Pass. School Duty is given for repeated lateness (three times a term or twice in a week)

If you are late to class
This is recorded by the teacher and you may need to make up time.

Appointments during school time (to be avoided) or you need to leave the grounds during school hours
Students may not leave grounds without a Leave Pass except Year 13 students who can sign out and in, on their return, at the office during lunchtime or study last period. To obtain a Leave Pass a parental note/phone call, email or appointment card is required at the school office. Report back to office on your return.

You have regular appointments in school time
Parental discussion with the Deputy Principal is required.


Check out the Awards Criteria Handbook here.

Click here to open the online form to apply for a Term 2 award.


If you want information about sporting activities
See the Director of Sport in the sports office.

If you want music or drama tuition
See the Director of Music or the Director of Theatre Arts. Application forms available under Music, Speech and Drama below.

Code of Behaviour

All people at Rangi Ruru are a valued part of the wider school community. Girls are encouraged to look beyond themselves into the wider community and to take responsibility for the care of others and the environment.

People will be accepted in their diversity of beliefs and opinions and the variety of their gifts will be celebrated. Care and consideration will be taken in speaking and communicating with others.

Partnerships in learning will be nurtured and people will be supported and affirmed in their endeavours.

Core Values

Our five core values are:

Respect – for oneself, for others and for the environment
Aroha – a sense of inclusiveness, of trust and belonging
eNdeavour and eNthusiasm - commitment, discipline and passion
Generosity of spirit - service to others, compassion, tolerance, unselfishness
Integrity and honesty

Crisis or Emergencies

Emergency Evacuation Situation (Fire & Earthquake)


Windows are closed by those nearest
Bags, books etc are left in the classroom
Girls and teachers move to the field via route indicated on classroom noticeboard. Walk briskly – do not run
Teachers leave the room last shutting the door behind them. Turn gas and electricity off. Search wardens close Fire Doors and check areas. Deans collect rolls from Anita Sawyers and give to Tutors or Form Captains, who take roll to assembly point to check for absentees
Tutor groups line up in straight lines in alphabetical order in front of their designated assembly points
Search wardens report that their area is clear to the Duty person (Barbara Smith) in the centre of the field. Tutors send a girl to the Duty person (Anita Sawyers) to report that all girls in their tutor group are accounted for
Non-tutors report to Duty person (Michele Stephens).

If you are inside:
Do not rush outside. Shelter beneath beams, under a counter or table. Teachers may stand in doorways
Get into a protective position by tucking your head to your knees and cover your head with your arms. Drop, cover, hold.
When the earthquake stops, leave the building only if it is unsafe or the alarm rings. Wait for any debris to stop falling
Stay away from windows, glass partitions, filing cabinets, bookcases, electrical appliances and overhead fixtures
Give first aid to the injured but do not move a casualty who cannot walk unless fire or falling debris is likely to cause further injury.
If you are outside:
Move to an open area away from building structures.
Watch for fallen power lines, streetlights or trees and flying glass.

Emergency Non-Evacuation Situation (Lockdown)
Drill will be advised. Signal is an intermittent alert tone and voice message.
Stay where you are until advised to leave the classroom.
Seek shelter and avoid movement.


Curriculum Handbook
Click here to view the 2023 Curriculum Handbook

If you want to discuss your course
Talk to your Dean or the Assistant Principal – Curriculum.

If you want to change subjects
Consult the teacher of the subject you wish to leave, and see your Dean and the Assistant Principal – Curriculum with a note from your parents.

If you're looking for information regarding NCEA assessment
Go to the Student NCEA page on RangiLife. This includes Authenticity, Subject Changes, Appeals and other useful information. It is important for NCEA students to be familiar with the "Student Guide to Assessment" as this contains information vital to managing your year. Please direct any enquiries to the Assistant Principal – Curriculum.

Expected Classroom Behaviour

Classroom behaviour that promotes a positive learning environment:

1. Arrive on time
2. Bring all devices, books and equipment needed
3. The teacher is in charge – follow her/his instructions promptly and carefully
4. Your participation is valued but remember to listen to others
5. Respect other people and their property.


If you are ill while at school
Report to the school office and staff will phone home or send you to the sick bay.

If you need to take medication
Leave your prescribed medicines with the School Nurse and collect doses as required.

IT Helpdesk & BYOD

The IT Helpdesk provides friendly assistance to students and staff. Students can drop in anytime and visit us in the Gibson Centre.


Students are expected to bring a laptop to school every day (fully charged of course!) to assist with their learning. This can be either a Windows or an Apple device, although it is worth noting that current education research tells us that the best device for learning has a touchscreen and a stylus (a digital pen). Devices like this lead to an increase in recall and cognition (remembering and understanding).

The school's IT partner, Cyclone Computers, sells appropriate laptops along with accessories and an insurance scheme. This can be accessed via their BYOD site:

Login: rangiruru

Password: rrbyod

Students pay an annual software fee which then allows them to download Microsoft Office to their laptops (this applies to up to 5 home computers and 5 tablets). Students also have access to the Adobe suite of software.

Learning Support

Sometimes students require additional help with their studies. Tutoring can be arranged in all subjects. Areas where particular help is given include Reading, Language and Mathematical Development with individual or small group tuition groups available.

Lost Property

Check the lost property room in the Creative Hub, the trolley outside Te Koraha, the PE lost property box or at the school office. There is a loss of clan points for property left around the school.

If you lose your Cando card collect a form from the school office to apply for a new one. $11 will be charged to your gold sheet and parent signature is required. No temporary cards are issued.


The weekly lunch menu can be viewed here.

Going home for lunch on a regular basis
See the Deputy Principal for a Lunch Pass.

Buying your lunch
Use your Cando card in the Dining Room at lunchtime. Do not use others' cards or provide yours to others.

Keeping Up To Date

If you want to know what's going on
Check RangiLife for notices, calendars, news and weekly bulletins or the sports & student noticeboards opposite the gym and Te Koraha verandah.
Remember to check your Teams regularly in case information has been forwarded to you.


Seeing a School Psychologist
Book an appointment.
The School Psychologists' office is downstairs in Mana Wahine.

Information on future pathways
See the Pathways & Careers Strategist.

Seeing the Nurse
Book an appointment.
Go to Student Reception, then to the Boarding House.

School Administration & Support

Management Team
Principal: Dr Sandra Hastie
Deputy Principal, Student Care & Development: Ms Stephanie Barnett
Assistant Principal, Curriculum: Ms Juliet Collins
Assistant Principal, Teaching and Learning: Ms Melissa Campbell
Assistant Principal, Strategy, Operations and Co-curriculum: Ms Amy Martin-Bowen
Business Manager: Ms Maree Kettles
Head of Marketing & Communications: Mr Stu Munro

Boarding House
Director of Boarding: Mrs Kyleigh Lyth
Catering Manager: Mr Jason Burrows

Years 7 & 8: Ms Sally Fail
Year 9: Mrs Linda Robinson
Year 10: Mrs Melanie Lindstrom
Year 11: Miss Nadja Zeitheim
Year 12: Mr Jon Kimber
Year 13: Ms Kirsty Bell
International Students: Ms Louise Stanton

Ms Isabel Milward
Ms Alison Burt

IT Services
Mr Carl Hogan

School Discipline Policy

  1. The Principal has overall responsibility for discipline. She is assisted by members of the school staff and senior students.

  2. Students are expected to maintain good standards of dress and grooming at all times. They are required to behave courteously to teachers and other students both in and out of the classroom, and to abide by the standards set by the school.

  3. Inappropriate behaviour such as the following will be handled within the school:

    • Loud, rough or discourteous behaviour
    • Damage to property
    • Lateness for school or class
    • Incorrect wearing of uniform or untidy appearance.

  4. For totally unacceptable behaviour such as:

    • Continual or repeated disregard of school standards
    • Any behaviour which makes it difficult for other girls to learn or for teachers to teach
    • Involvement in theft, dishonesty or victimisation of others
    • Involvement in smoking, vaping, drug taking or consumption of alcohol on the school premises, in school uniform or at school functions or sporting fixtures away from our property
    • Any behaviour which the Principal at her discretion, considers to be inappropriate or likely to affect the proper functioning or discipline of the school, or adversely affect other students

    Parents will be informed and other appropriate action will be taken by the Principal. School Duty (Tuesday after school) and the referral system are also in place for misdemeanours and unacceptable behaviour.

  5. The Principal may, without any minimum period of notice, suspend or expel any student for serious misbehaviour or serious breaches of discipline.

School Duty

If you have received a request from your Dean, report to the duty Dean in Mana Wāhine on Tuesday after school to undertake work. Parents/caregivers will be informed.

School Haka

The School Haka can be viewed here.

School Motto

Whaia to te Rangi – Seek the Heavenly Things

Rangi Ruru, the name of the school, was suggested by an old Maori Chief of Rapaki Pa, Paora Taki. It translates to "wide sky shelter" and indicates that the school stands for hospitality and generosity.

The motto, Whaia to te Rangi – Seek the Heavenly Things – reminds us that education cannot be limited to physical, cultural or academic studies only, but must include our spiritual dimension if we are to find values that are really worthwhile in life.

School Office

If you are looking for lost property
Check the lost property room in the Creative Hub, in the trolley outside Te Koraha, the PE lost property box or at the school office. There is a loss of clan points for property left around the school.

You need to use a phone
In an emergency or for toll/cellphone calls, ask at the office.

You damage school property
Report damage to the school office.

You have a change of address or phone number
Notify the school office immediately.

You lose your Cando card
Collect a form from the school office to apply for a new one. $11 will be charged to your gold sheet and parent signature is required. No temporary cards are issued.

You have money/valuables at school
Take them to the school office where they will be kept in the safe.

School Song

Rangi Ruru let us sing.
Voice and heart re-echoing.
All whom space and time divide,
Still in Love are at our side,
Join to give thee thanks and praise
For our joyous youthful days.
Lord we offer Thee our praise
For thy blessing on our ways,
Still Thy guidance and Thy love
Over all our living move,
May our wide sky shelter stand
Loved and honoured thro' the land.


Sports Draw
Click here

2022 Terms 2 & 3 Winter Sport Sign Ups:

Years 9-13

Years 7 & 8

Student Care and Development

The school provides a network of services to help all students through the many important transitions they make as they progress through school. The people in the network have special skills and abilities to ensure that student's personal, social, learning and spiritual needs are met. They are there to provide information and resources, to listen and provide guidance, and support girls in decision making and handling challenging situations.

People in the network include:
  • Tutors
  • Deans
  • School Psychologists – Mrs Melanie Patterson and Miss Brinley McIntosh
  • Health Coordinator – Mrs Leigh Allan
  • Wellbeing Coordinator – Ms Sally Fail
  • Learning Centre Leader – Mrs Rebecca Meachen
  • Literacy Support Teacher – Ms Michelle Enright
  • HPL Coordinator – Mrs Petra Dyer
  • Pathways and Careers Strategist – Ms Krissi Schumacher
  • Head of Student Leadership and Development – Mr Jonathan Kimber
  • Deputy Principal – Ms Stephanie Barnett

Student Leadership Team

2022 Student Leadership Team

Head of School   Maggie Craw
Head of Arts   Lucy Aitken
Head of Boarding   Millie Bushell
Head of Community   Meg Crump
Head of Service   Holly Lill
Head of Sport   Emily Jackson
Head of Sustainability   Alice Gambrill
Head of Wellbeing   Shahd Khanafer
Head of Clan Leaders   Livi Eathorne-Godfrey
Heads of Balmoral   Lily Parkinson &Holly White
Heads of Braemar   Livi Eathorne-Godfrey & Sienna O'Shannessey
Heads of Doune   Gabby Cusiel & Abby Reid
Heads of Dunvegan   Lucy Leech & Lucinda Turnbull
Heads of Glamis   Jessica Cooper & Sarah Wilcox
Heads of Stirling   Gemma Beckett & Evie Laidlaw

SVA Service Award

Full information is available on this page.

Teacher Codes

A list of all teacher codes can be downloaded here.

Travel to School

Bringing a vehicle to school
Complete the e-Form available on Notifications / Available eForms in your Portal. This privilege is available to Years 12 & 13 only and must be signed off by a parent/guardian.

Transporting other students or being transported by a licensed driver on a school related activity
Complete the e-Form available on Notifications / Available eForms in your Portal; this must be signed off by a parent/guardian.

Riding a bicycle to school
Leave your bicycle and helmet in the bike cage beside the gym for maximum security during the school day. The code is available from the office. Bikes and helmets must also be locked.


Click here for our current Uniform Guidelines & Regulations

If you don't have the correct uniform
See the Deputy Principal, (with a note from home) to get a Uniform Pass.

If you want to buy uniform items
The Shop is open on Tuesday, Thursday & Friday during term time (refer to uniform shop section below).

Visit the uniform page for more information on School Uniform requirements.

Uniform Shop

41 Hewitts Road

School uniform, PE/Sports gear and quality second-hand uniforms are available from the Shop.

Opening hours during term are:

  • Tuesday 12.45 - 2.00pm
  • Thursday 12.45 - 2.00pm
  • Friday 12.55 - 4.00pm

Phone (03) 983 3785 or email Nicki Pooley on
For additional information please visit the Uniform Shop Page.

Purchases may be "Gold Sheeted" (please refer to the Fees, Disbursements and Terms of Trade information), or payment may be made by cash, Visa/Mastercard/AMEX or EFTPOS.