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Assessment Schedules

2024 Term 2 Assessment Schedule 2024 Term 3 & 4 Assessment Schedule (subject to change)

Senior (Level 1-3) School Examinations

These are in week 5 of Term 3.

Following the exams students receive detailed feedback before the term break. The result sheets available at this time allows parents to provide further encouragement of consistent study routines.

The school exams are very important. They form the principal basis for any derived grade data that the school may be required to provide as evidence for a standard if a girl is legitimately unable to complete her external exams. This could include accident, illness, family crisis or natural disaster.

For Seniors, Learning Progress Conferences are held at the end of Term 3 . We invite parents to bring their daughters with them to these.

If you have any questions contact Assistant Principal-Curriculum, Ms Juliet Collins.

Derived Grades

Derived Grades Guidelines

Derived grades are for exam candidates who, just before or during the examinations, suffer

  • a temporary illness,
  • trauma (i.e. a deeply distressing or disturbing experience) or misadventure (i.e. an event beyond their control),
  • another serious event.

The illness, trauma or event must have a clear and observable detrimental effect on the candidate’s performance and/or attendance.

Candidates should sit the examination wherever possible.

Candidates who sit the examination but believe that their performance was significantly impaired by the illness, trauma or event, or were unable to sit the examination should apply for a derived grade.

Applications must refer to events of a medical or non-medical nature that:

  • have clearly had a significant effect on the candidate during the examination
  • stopped the candidate from attending the examination.

The full guidelines and application forms can be viewed on the NZQA website below.

Derived Grades NZQA Website


You can find the Awards Handbook below.



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