Absence or Lateness

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Request for leave or notify absence

Up to one day: Please complete the form below.
More than one day: Special Leave information can be found at the link below.

One Day Absence Special Leave


If a student is late to school they must report to the school office for a late pass. School duty is given for repeated lateness (three times a term or twice in a week).

Late to class

This is recorded by the teacher and students may need to make up this time.

Appointments during school time

Students may not leave school grounds without a leave pass except Year 13 students who can sign out and in, on their return, at the office during lunchtime or study last period. To obtain a leave pass a parental note/phone call, email or appointment card is required at the school office. Students must report back to the office on their return.

Regular appointments during school time

Parental discussion with the Deputy Principal is required.

Illness and Medication

If students become ill when at school they must report to the school office. Nurses and the sick bay may be required and the school will contact parents to advise.

If students are required to take medication during school hours they can leave them with the School Nurse and collect as doses are required.


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